4 Delicious Cookie flavors


Chocolate (extra $3 a doz.)

Chocolate Chip (extra $3 a doz.)

Birthday Sprinkles (extra $3 a doz.)

Simple Design

$42 Per Dozen 

2-3 Colors

2-3 Cookie design

Simple Cookie design

Small and  Medium size Cookies

Detailed Design

$48 per dozen

4-5 Colors

3-4  Cookie design

Detailed  Cookie design with Writing

Small, Medium and large size Cookies


$58 per dozen

7-8 Colors

5-6 Cookie designs

Complex detailed design with writing 

Brushed on detail/ or Gold detail

Medium and large size Cookies


$48-2 Dozen 

No detail work

3-4 colors,

up to 5 designs

1 1/2 to 2 inch  size cookies

2 cookie box

$12 per set

Seasonal Preorder Sets

cookie party platter

$90 per platter

30 Cookies in assorted mix sizes (mini, small, medium and 1 large center cookie). Design and colors will match your party theme. 5-6 designs. Cookies will be arranged on a cookie platter and ready for pick up.

paint you own cookie kit

$60 per Dozen 

Each kit comes with one cookie design, a paint brush and a edible food safe coloring palette.  Please inquire about designs


Looking for a fun way to entertain? “Paint Your Own” Cookie kits are the perfect activity for children and grown ups. It makes the perfect party favor too.

IMG_2613 2.jpg

 *Additional fee for gold or hand brush details