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  • Complex

    • 7-8 Colors including white
    • 5-6 Cookie Designs
    • Complex Detailed Design with Writing, piping 
    • Brushed-on Detail/or Gold Detail
    •  Standard Size Cookies (3-4 inches)
    • Sold in 1 Dozen Quantities
    • 4 Delicious Cookie Flavors Vanilla, Chocolate*, Chocolate Chip*, Birthday Sprinkles*

    * Extra $3/dozen


    Cookies are rolled out to 1/4” thickness and baked to perfection. They have a slightly crisp outer shell and are flavored using the most delightful vanilla extract.

    Cookies are crafted using high quality ingredients and are baked in small batches to ensure freshness. Cookies are made by scratch, cut by hand and decorated using our signature royal icing.

    Each cookie comes heat-sealed in its own cellophane bag


    Rush Orders:

    In the event that I am able to accommodate a last-minute order (less than two weeks before the pick-up date), I do reserve the right to charge either a 25% rush fee or a $25 fee, whichever is greater.


      All shipping is sent at a flat rate of $25 per order.


      Pick up is FREE! Please specify your pick-up date on the Order Form

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